Just when you didn’t think Kesha could get any sleazier, she one ups herself again. The starlet released a video for her ‘Sleazy 2.0‘ remix starring some of her pals — a large man in a mohawk, a guy with a goatee in an awesome newsprint jacket and maple leaf pants and some drag queens.

The gang of misfits feed each other fast food, guzzle (and spew) beers and sing into pay phones. Efren Ramirez, who played Pedro in ‘Napoleon Dynamite,’ makes a cameo. Ramirez drives around with a cute girl — who, we should add, looks rather young — and a dashboard Jesus figure. Ramirez and his lady goof off in a vegetable stand, where he mimes Andre 3000‘s lyrics.

Elderly men in a heated game of chess spew off T.I.‘s rhymes, which has to be seen for one’s self to truly appreciate. (Seriously, an old white guy in a wheelchair saying that he’ll get you pregnant just by looking at you? That has to be witnessed firsthand.)

While neither the sing-talker herself nor her hip-hop collaborators appear in the clip, they do make cameos in television screens toward the conclusion of the video — until they get smashed by a portly pale gentleman in a bandanna. Even without Kesha, the remix video is still … well, Kesha.

Watch Kesha’s ‘Sleazy 2.0′ Remix Video

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