In addition to finding herself in rehab because of an eating disorder, Kesha is also allegedly in a treatment program for alcohol addiction.

"In recent months, those closest to her had become increasingly worried about her drinking. It’s been the stuff of legend in the past and she’s never hidden the fact that she loves to drink," a source told Radar of the situation. "Now, though, part of her bid to get healthy is to get completely healthy -- and that will involve looking at her abuse of alcohol. Some of her advisers had raised this in the past."

Remember, she does sing about preferring to brush her teeth with Jack Daniel's. Despite her copious consumption of alcohol, however, the number one reason Kesha checked herself in was because of an eating disorder.

Added the source, "There’s no doubt that Kesha has her demons and the chief one is an eating disorder. It’s the primary reason she checked into Timberline Knolls."

We wish her a healthy and speedy recovery.

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