COVER SHOT - SCARY WASHINGTON : They say this is KERRY WASHINGTON on the cover of  yet another magazine, but who can tell?!  I mean, what the heck did they do to her face?! It looks like Lucky went a little overboard with the Photoshop, no?

Especially when you compare it to these other recent Washington magazine covers: Ebony's March 2013 cover, Elle Magazine's June 2013 cover, Vanity Fair's August 2013 cover, Glamour Magazine's October 2013 cover, and Essence's November 2013 cover.

But if Kerry thinks she looks unrecognizable she's not letting on. Less than an hour after the cover shot hit the 'net, she tweeted the image along with the caption, "WOOO HOOO!"

KELLY CLARKSON WANTS A BABY ... NOW!: KELLY CLARKSON has only been married a month but admitted on JAY LENO'S "Tonight Show" that she wants a baby, and she wants one now! In fact, her exact quote was, "we've been trying like rabbits." Watch the video to find out how Kelly replied when pressed by Leno if she was pregnant right now.

IN DENIAL - KALEY CUOCO REFUTES PREGNANCY RUMOR: The Big Bang Theory’s KALEY CUOCO hit up Twitter to shoot down an online report that she's pregnant.

The report, which was actually a blind item, did not name names. It claimed "one of the stars of a very popular television series" rushed into their engagement because she was expecting. But it must've hit close to home for Kaley to feel like it was about her and fiancé Ryan Sweeting.

DRAMATIC TRANSFORMATIONS - JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: Check out all of JT'S looks over the years in this dramatic transformation (GIF)

IN DENIAL - RYAN REYNOLDS DID NOT GET PUKED ON: Remember that Radar Online report which claimed that RYAN REYNOLDS was forced to strip on an airplane after a drunken passenger puked on him? Yeah, well, that never happened. "That is utterly made-up,” Reynolds told New York magazine at a fundraiser over the weekend.

“I don't know where that stuff comes from." In fact, Ryan says it’s been a long time since a girl has vomited on him. "Someone threw up on me in fifth grade. That was the last time it happened,” he said. “Sherry Piper, while we were square dancing. Trafalgar Elementary School. Yeah, that was the last time."

WOMAN WHO 'SLEPT' WITH BIEBS GIVES CONFLICTING INTERVIEWS: The Brazilian prostitute hooker party girl who took video of a sleeping JUSTIN BIEBER has confessed to spending the night with the Bieb but stopped short of saying she hit dat. At least in one interview. Asked by a Brazilian television show whether the two had made out, Tati Neves said, “What do you think, if I was sleeping in the bedroom, just me and him?” But when pressed to express whether all they did was just press lips, Neves refused to answer.

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However, in an interview with London's The Sun, she was way more forthcoming. She told them she did indeed hook up with Justin -- but not for money. And in this interview, she claims Justin is packing down there. Quote, "Take it from me, he’s well endowed...and very good in bed." She added, "He has quite a fit body and looked great naked." Meanwhile, Justin's peeps continue to cling to their no comment stance.

ERIC STONESTREET SHOWS US HIS PICS: ERIC STONESTREET is my hero. Eric took a picture of "Modern Family" co-star SOFIA VERGARA'S butt and posted it online. Thanks, Eric. I owe you one!

WILL AND JADA SMITH TOGETHER IN VEGAS: Despite rumors of marital trouble, WILL SMITH  and JADA PINKETT SMITH sure looked like a happily married couple over the weekend. They, along with kids Jaden and Willow, were in Las Vegas to celebrate Will’s eldest son Trey's 21st birthday. Sources tell Us Weekly, Will and Jada, “were in high spirits, rarely leaving one another's side.” (PHOTO)

'DANCING' UPDATE - BERKLEY BOUNCED: Oh. Muh. Gawd. They had another shocking elimination on "Dancing With the Stars" last night. For the fourth consecutive week a stronger dancer was sent home -- this time it was ELIZABETH BERKLY. Meanwhile, BILL ENGVALL -- arguably this season's worst dancer -- lives to tango another week.

WATCH HEARTWARMING VIDEO OF BEYONCE SINGING WITH BLIND FAN: BEYONCÉ made a blind fan's day during her recent show in Australia. The 13-year-old, who has hearing and muscle control issues as well, was sitting in the front row when Bey kneeled down in front of her, and encouraged her to sing along to "Irreplaceable". Watch the superb job she did of handling the line “to the left, to the left" below ...