Today, on The View: The chat around the table veered into ill-informed, incendiary remarks that revealed one cohost's own biased views. It must be Tuesday!

The offender, in this specific case, wasn't the highly quotable Raven-Symone — it was guest-host Kelly Osbourne. In a conversation about Republican presidential candidate/wildly uneven businessman Donald Trump and his controversial remarks about Mexican immigrants, Kelly offered her own hot take on the subject. That's where things got dicey.

“If you kick every Latino out of this country,” opined the former Fashion Police personality, “then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?” Oh, Kelly. Kelly, Kelly Kelly Kelly.

"Oh, that's," Rosie Perez (who is, obviously, a Latino herself) breaks in. Raven also tries to course-correct Kelly's remarks, saying, "There's more jobs to be...that you can use them for."

Kelly continues, "No I'm L.A., they always...they don't..." Everyone continues to talk at once, which is ostensibly a cornerstone of The View's appeal to viewers, since it happens constantly.

"But Latinos are not the only people doing that," Rosie accurately states, and Kelly insists that she didn't mean it "like that."

But many Latino viewers didn't buy Osbourne's claim of not meaning it "like that," and they tweeted their objections with the hashtag #QueridaKellyOsbourne ("Dear Kelly Osbourne"). Some commenters laid into Kelly, perhaps suspecting that the child of two famous, extremely wealthy parents may need something of a privilege-check. Others aimed to simply educate Kelly and others who might be reading.

Osbourne issued a comment on the flap via Facebook this afternoon, though it's unclear whether it was prompted by a PR rep or if she did indeed take time to read the tweets. It would behoove her to do so, as many of them really do "open up a conversation about immigration and the Latin community as a whole," as she claims she wants. Kelly also places partial blame on Rosie Perez, for interrupting her. Read her full response below.


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