Summer is hard on kids. So many times they have nothing to do so they fill their days and nights with video games and cell phones. If you want to pry those electronics out of your kids hands, take them to the library. There are over a dozen public libraries throughout El Paso and they have a lot to offer. They have summer reading lists available for all grade levels, story time for the little ones, a quilting bee at the Memorial Park branch, and even open video gaming a the Main library downtown. I know that sounds like it defeats the purpose, but if you can get a kid to a library, chances are they'll find something other than electronics to hold their attention.

Each branch offers different classes and programs. Just click on the branch closest to you, or check out all the branches to see what is being offered this summer. You can get more information about the El Paso Public Library branches by clicking here.


Memorial Park
3200 Copper
(915) 212-0448

Clardy Fox
5515 Robert Alva
(915) 212-0456

Downtown Main Library
501 N. Oregon
(915) 212-READ

Armijo Library
620 E. 7th Street
(915) 212-0369

José Cisneros
1300 Hawkins
(915) 212-0450

Irving Schwartz
1865 Dean Martin
(915) 212-0315

Esperanza Acosta Moreno
12480 Pebble Hills
(915) 212-0442

Judge Edward S. Marquez
610 N. Yarbrough
(915) 212-0600

Sergio Troncoso
9321 Alameda
(915) 212-0453

Richard Burges
9600 Dyer
(915) 212-0317

EPCC Northwest Campus Community Library
6701 S. Desert Blvd.

Dorris Van Doren
551 Redd Rd.
(915) 212-0440

125 Belvidere
(915) 212-0445

Mobile ServicesBookmobile
(915) 212-3211
Route 1
Route 2

(915) 212-3211

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