It's safe to say that having to wait around in an airport for a flight is probably near the top of most people's "Least Favorite Things To Do Ever" lists. From the stale air, to the edgy, tired crowds, to the generally nervous energy, waiting around in an airport is just no fun. That is, unless you're Kate Hudson.

The bubbly, bright, blonde actress (and daughter of equally bubbly, bright, blonde actress Goldie Hawn, in case you didn't know) has a tendency to make everything she does a blast. And it is that precise fun-loving spirit, coupled with her affinity towards posting fun, musical Instagram videos, that seems to have led to this clip—posted today on Instagram—of the actress, 36, dancing along to Fetty Wap's hit single "Trap Queen" alongside her son Ryder Robinson, 11.

Showcasing her "cool mom" hip hop dancing skills, the mother and son duo dance and lip sync along to the rap lyrics in the clip, Hudson dropping it down low a few times while wearing airport-staple dark shades. (Penny Lane's got some moves, y'all!)

“How we deal with airport lounge boredom,” Hudson captions the funny clip, adding a slew of hashtags including: #TrapQueen #DancingWithMyBoy #HeyWhatsUpHello #WhenYourPreTeenWantsHisOwnInstagramAndYoureLikeNoooooooo

Of course, as mentioned earlier, this isn't the first time that the Almost Famous star has shared her music-related skills on social media. On July 4, Hudson posted a video of herself singing the "Star-Spangled Banner"—quite impressively, we might add—to her Instagram account. Wearing pajamas and red wayfarer sunglasses, the actress completely slayed an a capella rendition of the patriotic tune, rock-style.

Here's hoping for more impromptu musical Instagram posts from the star—bring 'em on, Kate!


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