The Fine Brothers did it it again. The YouTube team behind videos like this one of elders reacting to Kim Kardashian's infamous butt-baring magazine cover and this one of kids looking on in horror as a weird video is played, just released super funny video about some of our favorite musicians.

This time they've captured elders watching and reacting to the video for Kanye West and Rihanna's hit song "FourFiveSeconds," which happens to feature a little someone with whom they are familiar: Paul McCartney.

First up, the elders fixate on Rihanna's exposed cleavage. Their opinions differ on whether or not it's a good thing. One viewer says "she has a problem with her clothes," while another sees no problem at all. "Whoa! A little cleavage action. I definitely like that," he says. (Side note: We can't help but wonder how they would react to one of RiRi's more risqué videos. Can someone make this happen?)

Overall, the reactions to the music video — which, we have to say, is pretty compelling — are mostly positive. "Instead of having a lot of things going on and a lot of people twerking or whatever they call that, I thought it was very classy," one lady says.

Next up, the viewers are asked whether or not they can name the three artists in the video, which they answer to varying degrees of success. Highlights include one man saying the video featured "Paul McCartney and Paul McCartney" while another says "the closest I can get to thinking of a name for her is Beyoncé."

If you want to see how the rest of it plays out — and you should because it's pretty entertaining —watch the entire clip above.

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