“Put Your Filthy Hands All Over Me” Justin Timberlake exclaims in his new single called Filthy from his upcoming album entitled Man of The Woods. I remember when Justin released Suit & Tie as his comeback a few years ago and seeing lots of comments on his youtube videos along the lines of “we waited all of this time or this?” I took it as people obviously not being too pleased with Timberlake’s creative expression especially after coming at us so strong with Justified and Future, Sex, LoveSounds but to be honest, I was thrilled with 20/20 Experience. There is a certain level of integrity that is missing when I listen to a physical records versus an MP3 and 20/20 has to be my favorite record to listen to on vinyl. It’s beautiful! With that said, I’m gonna go ahead and begin my read by saying that I am not afraid to back peddle later when the song grows on me. For now, Filthy just sounds to me like a repetitive beat without a climax. Urban for sure with a dash of country twang! I’m not riding hard for this one but you decide. Catch the video for filthy below:

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