There is a cool shindig going down at Caballo Lake State Park next month. If you love to kayak then you would be down to cruise through Caballo Lake.

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If you have been to Caballo Lake at night then you know what it has to offer. But if you have never been Philip VanVeen's YouTube video shows you Caballo Lake during the day below.

Plus if you're all for hearing storytelling during a kayak ride under the moon and stars, that time is coming up. This is going to be a fun kayak ride which would be perfect for a romantic date night idea.

Each group will have a guide leading and telling a story while you lay back and enjoy the view of the night sky. Now if you ever wondered what it would be like to lay back in a kayak admiring the stars and moon this is your chance.

After storytime, everyone will paddle back to where the camp is set up. Once making it back to land, everyone can enjoy the after-party.

The party after will be "Vino Cibo" (Wine and Hors D'oeuvres) which will be outdoors around nature, water, and music. There will be two acoustic guitarists playing music for the guests attending.

You won't have to worry about being cold since there will be a fire pit to stay warm next to. This makes for the perfect date night idea because there is no better way to enjoy the moon and stars. So make sure you save the date for Saturday, May 21, to sail away.

You can get more details about sailing along Caballo Lake with your plus one or group by clicking here. Southwest Expeditions would love for you to join this enchanting kayak ride on Caballo Lake while enjoying a Native American Celestial evening.

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