It’s Fat Tuesday…

Get ready to Celebrate Mardi Gras Style with a huge bash at the Union Plaza in Downtown El Paso.

Patty Campos will be broadcasting live till 7pm, followed by more festivities and fun at the Union Plaza.

Celebrate with tons of drink specials, parades, contests, beads and plenty of food.

If you want to get your tickets in advance, they are only $10 and are available at

This huge block party will include: Black Pearl, the Garden, Plum, Café Italia, Brick and Mortor, 1914, NV, and Tabla.

So call your friends and meet up at the biggest Mardi Gras Celebration tonight at the Union Plaza in Downtown El Paso!

And if you want to prepare for the after party then check out the video below to learn how to make some classic Mardi Gras drinks to keep your party going…