Jamie Lynn Spears, the little sister of Britney Spears, has issued her debut country single, 'How Could I Want More.' It has all the fixings of a great country tune, thanks to the twang and the tale it tells. We've looked more deeply into the meaning of its lyrics.

Overall, the singer and narrator has a good man, the kind of man that any woman would give her uterus for, but she's not fully satisfied. Granted, she could be thinking out loud, but if things were truly passionate, she'd have no reason to question her heart. And that's just what she is doing.

This is our breakdown of the song's meaning.

"He's got that kinda heart that / Any girl would die for / So, how could I want more? / How could I want more?"

She has the perfect man. But something is not quite right, which makes it painful. If things were perfect, she would not entertain such thoughts.

"More fire, more feeling / More stars than what I'm seeing / More hope for what I'd find behind that door / More power, more passion / Instead of just acting / Like I'm the one that he's been looking for."

Ah, there it is. He's great, but there's no spark and no fire. It's like the difference between love and lust, or loving someone while not being in love. That's a true tragedy of human relations.

"I oughta say I'm sorry / I oughta say it's over / Let him live his own life / Stop crying on the shoulder / He'd probably say it's all right / And hold me while my tears pour."

Knowing is half the battle, and she knows it's not right or fair to hold on to him when she doesn't feel the same. She wants to be selfless and let him go, but she hasn't yet, suggesting that she is being selfish by clinging. And how perfect is he? He'd comfort her through the pain. Yeah, can JLS pass this man our way?

That's our breakdown of Jamie Lynn Spears' 'How Could I Want More' lyrics. What do you guys think? Do you share our analysis, or did you come away with something else?

Listen to Jamie Lynn Spears' 'How Could I Want More'

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