If we're ever in trouble, we finally know exactly which celeb we want backing us up: Jamie Lynn Spears.

According to TMZ, Jamie Lynn and her friend were in Louisiana, hanging out at the Pita Pit -- a sandwich shop that boasts to be healthier than the average fast food spot -- when someone suddenly, and seemingly without warning, attacked Jamie's friend.

We're not sure if there was any provocation or if this was just a random attack, but Jamie's friend was reportedly hit with a bottle. This prompted Jamie Lynn to then pull her friend behind the Pita Pit counter and allegedly wield a large, serrated bread knife in an attempt to get everyone to calm down and end whatever scuffle was going down. Apparently, her chosen method of playing peacemaker worked. Although the police reportedly arrived to the scene eventually, it looks like Jamie's friend wasn't interested in pressing charges so no legal action will be taken.

We're just glad everyone's alright!

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