The Shotmeister is now available for home use with a single bottle tap machine.

If you are done with going out and prefer the comfort of your home for entertaining, especially if you have a man-cave, then this will easily be a great feature for your home bar.

Going out these days can get super pricey on your wallet, but why not instead have your friends come over, where everyone can pitch in, making your night out dirt cheap.

Specs read as it being compact enough with a smaller and lighter frame, featuring the same state-of-the-art rapid cooling mechanism technology designed to chill and dispense Jagermeister at temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit.

And apparently its energy efficient too, using the same amount of electricity as just a 60 watt florescent light bulb.

So how much is this bad boy? $199.00 and comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. It’s designed to hold only a 750ml or 1L Jagermeister. And there’s no assembly required, is easy to operate and easy to clean.

Is this something you think you’d get for your man cave or home bar?

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