The circus is always so much fun to attend. Things don't always go exactly as planned though ...

Back in 2021, the Circus Spectacular came to town and set up shop in the El Paso County Coliseum.  

Everyone must have been particularly excited to see this particular circus hit town as, thanks to the pandemic, there hadn't been very much to do around here in a minute.

Life On The Road With A Family Run Circus
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One of the acts involved several motorcycles riding in vertical and horizontal circles, inside an apparatus commonly referred to as the "ball, (or globe), of death".  The performers do this all the time but, this time, things didn't go well. Check it out ...

It's a popular attraction at circuses, freak shows and motorcycle rallies all over the world. The bikers and promoters involved are always trying to come up with new spins, (no pun intended), on the stunt.

In 2019, these guys held the world record for most bikes in the ball. Or Globe ... sphere ... whatever...

For those of you not crazy enough to actually enter one of these things, let alone ride around in it, here's what it looks like from the inside.

The craziest thing about this stunt is, honestly, its simplicity. A proper design, the required speed and a steady set of nerves are all it really takes. Here's how it works.

As crazy as it all looks, accidents seem to be rare and often ... as was the case here in El Paso back in 2021 ... with only minor injuries sustained.


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