About 15 miles outside of Deming, 100 miles or so from El Paso, a mystery lies in the middle of the desert that could connect the area with another dimension.

In all my years here, and despite a ton of visits to Deming, I had never heard of this. After reading about it, I now know about it ... hell if I understand it though.

It's a pair of triangles lying in the desert, pretty much in the middle of nowhere it seems, one of which has a plaque on it. See a picture here.

It is said to be some sort of a historical site ... at least according to atlasobscura.com anyway:

There you will find a Kcymaerxthaere Historical Site known as the Faltese (Pomzhirl) Impact Site and a related marker that tells talks about unusual way that the Chej-Asos people perceived triangles–or is it the unusual way we perceive triangles? - atlasobscura


I'm Watching You
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The impact crater is said to mirror the one left by a pomzhirl (a fraction of a grain of sand) that crashed into the ground after the cataclysmic explosion that ended the Battle of Some Times. - atlasobscura

Halley's Comet
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Treat the site (and all sites) with respect, but there is a set of steps where one can climb up the crescent of stone for a lovely view, and even a place to rest in the rock–but look before you sit anywhere in the desert. - atlasobscura

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So, yeah ... there you go. Your first day trip/vacation destination for 2024. You can read a little more about this place here.

Atlas Obscura is right about watching where you sit out there ... the desert is loaded with creepy crawlies.

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