When you're shopping in El Paso, especially in stores like Walmart and other grocery stores, you hear all kinds of stuff over the intercom.

I used to work for Walgreens and we had a set of codes to convey messages quickly and clearly over the intercom to each other without telling the customers what was up.

They have probably changed over the years, and my memory sucks, but here are a couple of (possible) examples.

"Code 10" for a suspected shoplifter or "Code 5" if a cashier needs change for example. That way you don't tip off the thief or let other crooks know cash is being moved.

In grocery stores, you'll also hear things like "price check, register 3" or "cleanup on aisle 5". "Someone help Dubba G find the Coors Light" ... stuff like that.

You're trying to shop, you've had a hectic day, kids are getting fussy maybe ... and none of this means a damn thing to you ... so, naturally, you start tuning it all out.

Meatloaf Listens
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Some things may be very important to you though so, pay 'tension. Especially when it comes to "color" codes at Walmart.

According to commoncentsmom, Wal-Mart uses 4 types of codes ... colors, numbers, letters and words.

Again, where you're concerned, the color codes are the (most) important ones. If you hear "Code Brown", forget the detergent, grab your loved one(s) and beat it.

As you've probably guessed, that's the code for "active shooter". If you hear that, don't worry about anything but getting you and yours the hell 'outta Dodge.

Read a few more of Walmarts' codes here.

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