A while back, we wrote about a few bands from El Paso, Texas that had a chance to battle it out for an opportunity to play the 2023 Wacken Open Air Festival. No El Paso band won but one band, Steellake, DID make it to the final round in San Diego.

This year, they held another chance for bands to send their stuff for a chance to get picked to battle again for next year's festival. Well local 9 bands from & around El Paso were chosen for the WOA battle of the bands & here they are.

These are the 9 local bands fighting for a chance to play the 2024 Wacken Open Air Festival in El Paso, Texas

As it was announced on Sunday by The Rockhouse Dive Bar & Kitchen, 9828 Montana, 9 metal bands have a chance to play against each other on February 4, 2024. These 9 bands will have a chance to embark on "The Road to Wacken".

Rockhouse Dive Bar Kitchen Venue Facebook
Rockhouse Dive Bar Kitchen Venue Facebook

These 9 local bands all either represent El Paso, Las Cruces, & Juarez. So now... let's meet the contenders in this competition.

You have Carriers of the Dead from El Paso,

Seventh Eve from El Paso,

Forever Silent from Ciudad Juarez,

Father Wolf from El Paso,

Divide from Juarez/El Paso,

Yolotli from El Paso,

Death Benefits from Las Cruces, New Mexico,

The last two are To Keep the Wolves Away (TKTWA) and Suspended; both from New Mexico.

It’s awesome to see so many local bands represent the Borderland. We will see which band(s) will emerge victorious in February.

May the best band WIN!

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