We're not talking trash here in terms of garbage; this is about trashy people and, thankfully, El Paso, Texas fell short.

Anybody can be deemed "trashy" ... it's more about a way of life than skin tone. Although "white trash" is the phrase most commonly used.

El Paso is over 80% Hispanic which may very well be what kept us out of the top 10. Not enough white folk.

Again, anybody can be "trashy" so don't call me racist and/or reverse racist ... No race or color is exempted.

As we explore the universe and probe deeper and deeper into outer space, I'm sure we'll discover green trash at some point. Probably out in the boonies, around Uranus.

Whites, historically, have borne the brunt of this label though and Roadsnacks.net  factored in the number of white people living in the cities they ranked as well as a few other things.

Which, again, may be what saved El Paso ... along with most of west and south Texas in general. Here are the "winners" with links and photos:

  1. Lufkin (Photos)
  2. Texarkana (Photos)
  3. Dallas (Photos)
  4. Greenville (Photos)
  5. Vidor
  6. Brownwood (Photos)
  7. Plainview
  8. Texas City (Photos)
  9. Stephenville (Photos)
  10. Corsicana (Photos)

Some of the other things Roadsnacks looked at were household income and high school dropout rates along with the number of payday loan outfits and Dollar Stores.

PS: Clearly, this is a joke. Please don't organize any protests at the radio station. I just got out of the dog house with my boss as it is ...

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