We know Texas has a long history in racing; and there have been some truly iconic tracks in the state. However not every race track is met with the same love or respect as others in the United States. Some people love to throw shade at certain Lone Star tracks for various reasons.

People never forget the infamous Dallas F1 track in 1984

While F1 fans know the US Grand Prix have been known to come to the Circuits of the Americas many times (usually giving us some incredible racing), old school fans will remember the disastrous F1 race in Dallas in 1984. It was a street circuit around Fair Park, which annoyed the nearby residents.

But the big reason why this race was so bad was the heat. It was unforgiving to the fans, the poor track conditions & don't forget some of the drivers fell victim to the heat (like Nigel Mansell fainting after the race was done). It would be cancelled before the 1985 F1 season.

Houston's been known to have very questionable street courses for racing

Houston's Reliant Park was the location for the 1998 CART Texaco Grand Prix of Houston & while the weather wasn't as hot as the Dallas F1 race, this one...wasn't much better. The main reason why people didn't like this course was not because of the heat, but because of the rain. It made for a very tricky & demanding course that lead to many pileups on the track.

There would be another CART race in Houston in 2006. While the layout was changed, and it was held at night, the track...well, it was still very bumpy & with the chicanes added to reduce speed, it led to some very chaotic driving.

The streets in San Antonio are also known to have been unforgiving to many race car drivers

We actually went into great detail on the San Antonio Street Circuit before so we'll give a brief detail on some of the problems for the track. The streets were narrow which made overtaking difficult & with the lack of sponsorship, the track only lasted from 1987-1990.

And last but not least is the one that NASCAR fans love to hate: The Texas Motor Speedway

Texas Motor Speedway Track Renovation Unveiling
Sarah Crabill

This is one that we at KLAQ have actually BEEN to in person, and had some positive things to say about it. We know there have been some great moments at Texas Motor Speedway but also not so great moments too. Fans of CART for example might remember the 2001 Firestone Firehawk 600, a race that they probably want to forget.

And of course NASCAR fans have been quite vocal on while THEY don't like the track; the most recent reason being the 2022 All Star Race...

But despite all the hate these courses have experienced, there have been people who have had fond memories of these tracks & these courses will always be part of Texas' history.

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