Texas has some very beautiful locations that photograph very well, however, where can you legally snap that photo- or where is it illegal to take a photo in Texas?

These days it's real easy to just take your phone out and take a quick photo. It could be a selfie or of a location or landscape. Taking photos has never been easier, and for those who are amateur photogs, well the sky is the limit. Or is it?

Texas photography laws can be quite obvious. When you violate someone's privacy with improper photography, you could be fined or face jail time. But when it comes to wide open spaces, what do the laws say? Here are eight places in Texas where you definitely cannot take photos!

8 Places Where You Definitely Cannot take Photos in Texas

Wondering if you can snap a quick selfie in a certain location? Here are eight places in Texas where you cannot!

With elections right around the corner, that final one is important to know! It seems like almost every time I go to a polling center, I see at least one person reprimanded for trying to take a selfie at the polling station! Just take a selfie with the "I Voted" sticker like the rest of us do!

But a lot of these rules aren't always known, the railroad tracks one certainly surprised me! But then again, who usually hangs out around railroad tracks taking photos?

For the most part, a good rule of thumb would be to always make sure you have permission granted to take photos if you're unsure in a situation, you shouldn't just assume that you can take photos in any location without making sure you're allowed to! You can find out more about improper photography laws in Texas here.

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