A well known Texas chain has really gone to bat for bats ... and ocelots and black bears and other animals facing hard times in the lone star state.

A new series of films, Our Texas, Our Future, has been produced which highlights conservation in Texas.

As Texas continues to experience massive growth, it's taking a toll on wildlife all over the lone star state.

To help raise awareness, H-E-B teamed up with Fin And Fur Films to produce the series of documentaries.

So far, 5 have been completed and can be seen within this article.

One of the films examines bats in Texas, some 200,000 of which are killed every year by wind turbines. Disease has also ravaged the bat population.

What Is The Most Endangered Cat In The USA?

Another film in the series focuses on the most endangered cat in the United States, the Ocelot.

Their population has fallen to under 120 but, on a working cattle ranch in Texas, they're doing pretty good.

The Ocelot's future depends on these ranchers and cowboys who have helped to create and maintain a sanctuary for them.

The films also honor the 100th anniversary of Texas State Parks.

Starting with just six acres in 1923 and growing to 1.5 million acres in 2023, the nearly 90 Texas State Parks enable Texans across the state to get out and enjoy the diverse, stunning land and wildlife the parks help protect. - ourtexasourfuture.com

Redfish, (video at the top), had once been overfished to critical levels.

Black Bears ... who, for some reason, have begun returning to their native areas of Texas ... are also given their moment in the spotlight.

Thanks to the generosity of H-E-B, who have a long history of doing good things for Texas, these documentaries will help raise awareness and encourage conservation.

For more info, email environmentalaffairs@heb.com.

$1 billion dollars could be invested into Texas State Parks next year. That's up to Texas voters so, please, vote FOR Senate Bill 1648 and Senate Joint Resolution 74.

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