There are many things throughout the southern United States that are absolute must see or do's and many are in Texas. Here are 2 that totally rock.

Hitting the road this summer? There are many "bucket list" places to go and things to see and do throughout the southern United States and Texas has a bunch of 'em.

If you have the time, I recommend you drive across all the southern states and see everything you possibly can. If you prefer to keep it in Texas ... and, who could blame you? ... check these out.

When you think of the south, you probably think of things like NASCAR races, swamps and whiskey. Seeing those races is a blast and the swamps have a beauty all their own. For the whiskey lovers, there's an entire "whiskey trail" you can follow.

Texas has swamps and NASCAR tracks too in addition to other cool places like these:

Spend an afternoon cooling off and relaxing at Barton Springs.

Barton Springs runs through Zilker Park, one of Texas' high end zip codes, and it's a beautiful place to chill on a hot, Texas afternoon. The 3 acre pool is fed by an underground spring that keeps the water temp at a constant 68 - 70 degrees.

If you're in El Paso and you're looking for a cool swimmin' hole, it might be quicker to hit up these in nearby New Mexico.

Go Stargazing At Big Bend National Park.

While it's located in west Texas, it's still considered the "south" ... albeit, the very beginning of it ... and it is truly a must see. Especially the stargazing part.

Big Bend is the 8th largest national park but also one of the least visited national parks so, right off the bat, a good reason to go - it's not as crowded as others. With wide open skies, practically zero light pollution and not too many people harshing your solitude buzz, there's no place better to ponder the universe.

What's a visit to Texas without stopping by the Alamo? Or having some of our legendary bbq? Texas is a collection of bucket list stuff all on its own.

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