Heads up dog owners - a dangerous batch of dog food, some sold in Texas, is being voluntarily recalled by the manufacturer due to dangerous foreign matter.

A popular brand of dog food made by Mars Pet Care US is being pulled from shelves and dog owners are being warned not to feed it to their pups.

Newsweek reported that 315 bags of the popular Pedigree brand were found to have "loose metal" mixed in with them which could make dogs sick, injure or kill them.

Walmart locations in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas sold these particular bags. You can see a list of exactly which Walmart stores sold the dog food on the Walmart website.  Thankfully, no El Paso Walmart stores made the list.

Exactly Which Pedigree Dog Food Is Being Recalled?

It's Adult Complete Nutrition Grilled Steak and Vegetable flavored dry dog food. More specifically, they want the 44-pound bag, with a "best by" date of 3/4/2025 and lot code 410B2TXT02.

In its update, Pedigree said if customers believe their pet has eaten the potentially impacted dog food, they should "monitor for unusual behavior and contact a veterinarian in the event of any concerns."

Pedigree also noted in its online update that there have been no reports of injury to pets or illnesses regarding the possibly impacted dog food. Customers who think they have purchased the dog food may contact Mars Petcare US consumer care, the update says. - Newsweek


People who think they have one of the tainted bags should, (obviously), quit feeding it to their dog(s).

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