Of the many bands that the legendary producer, Steve Albini, worked with in his lifetime, there were a few bands from Texas that can say "yeah, we got to work with Steve". Tragically we lost Steve on May 8th from a heart attack at the age of 61.

While obviously some of the biggest bands Steve produced for include Nirvana, Pixies & The Breeders, here are some notable acts from Texas that had songs & albums produced by the late Steve Albini.

The Jesus Lizard had several albums recorded by Steve Albini

The noise rock band from Austin, Texas had a total of 5 albums between 1989-1994, all with the help of Steve while signed onto Touch & Go records:

  • 1989's Pure,
  • 1990's Head,
  • 1991's Goat,
  • 1992's Liar,
  • & 1994's Down.

That means that Steve helped produced, arguably, the band's biggest hit, "Puss" right before he would produced the In Utero album for Nirvana a year later.

Red Krayola

In 1994, Houston's Red Krayola, got to work with Steve on their 1994 album, The Red Krayola. Even though Steve was uncredited for his work, we KNOW he worked with the band thanks to this Twitter (X) post mentioning that Steve did work with Red Krayola


The noise rock band out of Austin, johnboy, only lasted from 1991-1994 but their 2nd (and final) album, Claim Dedications, was produced by Steve Alibini in his own home studio in Chicago.


The next Texas band on our list is the indie rock group, Bedhead, out of Dallas that was around from 1991-1998. Their final record, Transaction de Novo, was released in 1998, and was met with high reviews from sites such as Pitchfork, who gave it a 9.6 out of 10.


The final band on our list is the Dallas/Fort Worth band, the Toadies. In an interview with Loudwire, Vaden Todd Lewis stated that their upcoming record, The Charmer, was recorded BY Steve Alibini in Chicago. They didn't work with him prior, but whenever the new album comes out, we will hear the work that Steve did with the Texas rockers...

R.I.P. Steve Albini; your work will always be remembered & cherished by the music world.

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