How much would you pay to have the love of your life forgive you and finally unblock you on Instagram?

If you're blocked by your lover, then head on over to the Texas favorite, H-E-B, because they may have a solution to your social media woes with it's unique bouquet that will certainly cost you!

Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images
Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images


Many people find that flowers is a good way to say "sorry". If you had a fight with your loved one, boom! Flowers! Well, sometimes a lovers quarrel may go so far as to cause you to get blocked on social media. Well, maybe this bouquet will say everything you need to say to your bae.

A new flower bouquet at H-E-B is causing an uproar on social media after a TikTok user named Raquel shared it on the social media app- would you buy it?

She's certainly right, at $95 it will definitely cost you!

Still, many thought that the price wasn't so bad- and many seemed to think it was worth a try!

Is this something you'll only find in Texas? Many seemed to think so!

I love H-E-B!

Is what many commented- along with asking if H-E-B would deliver!

While many saw the humor in the bouquet; it makes me wonder, how well does H-E-B know its clientele that they knew they had to create this?!

I'm also amazed at how many people in the comments are saying that it will definitely work! But I'm a little dubious about that- you think that a bouquet with the words "unblock me" will actually work?! Maybe only in Texas!

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