You can enjoy a tasty breakfast treat for free this week at Burger King here in El Paso and pretty much everywhere else.

In honor of the time change that occurred this weekend ... you did adjust your clocks, right?? ... Burger King restaurants are offering free breakfast items, a new one each day, for the entire week.

There's a free dessert coming your way on Thursday.

Burger King likes giving out freebies around themes like the recent free Whopper promotion they tied to Wendy's having changed their prices. To celebrate the time change, members of their RoyalPerks rewards program can snag a free goody with any purchase of $1.00 or more.

On Sunday, RoyalPerks members can grab a free Croissan’Wich with a purchase of $1 or more. On Monday, members can get five French Toast Sticks, while on Tuesday they can help themselves to a bottle of Simply orange juice. Wednesday’s giveaway is an order of Hash Browns.

Thursday’s treat is a dessert. That day, (3/14, which is also Pi), you can get a free Hershey’s Sundae Pie with a minimum purchase of $3.14, to celebrate Pi Day. Who, besides all the math geeks, knew that Pi had it's own, special day?

Friday, breakfast is back with a free large Vanilla Iced Coffee and Saturday gets members a free Sausage Biscuit for making the same, minimum $1.00 purchase.

Learn more about the Burger King’s RoyalPerks rewards program by clicking on that link or you just go straight to the sign up page by clicking here.

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