The Border Patrol in New Mexico is on the front lines of a new war on drugs and the one they're after is LEGAL in the land of enchantment.

I posted an article a few days ago about New Mexico Border Patrol checkpoints, near El Paso, seizing loads of legal marijuana.

The seizures haven't stopped and recorded audio from a phone call between Gov. Grisham and a Biden staff member indicates they won't. Pot is legal in 38 states but has never been legalized at the federal level.

Until recently, the Border Patrol pretty much just ignored legal growers and marijuana businesses. Somebody changed their mind though ...

Now, checkpoints are popping businesses at checkpoints and seizing their stuff. One business lost 70 pounds of pot in one shot and several businesses, collectively, are out over $300K in seized pot.

What Is Governor Grisham Doing About These (Legal) Marijuana Seizures?

Governor Grisham called a "senior Biden staff member" to complain, strongly, about this and threatened to take things a step farther. Whoever she was talking to didn't seem to care. Nor did this CBP agent in another, recorded incident:

“We’ve been instructed to seize all cannabis — all illegal products — going in this direction,” the CBP officer can be heard telling Rob Duran, founding partner of Head Space — a cannabis company based in Las Cruces. When Duran repeatedly reminds the officer that cannabis is legal in New Mexico, the officer does not acknowledge state law and brings the conversation back to federal law. -

Meanwhile, as businesses try and figure out a way to get around the checkpoints ... they're even considering drones ... the government is changing the legal status of marijuana.

"Too little, too late" for those who lost their shizzle probably and the status change may still not allow for transport through checkpoints. Ironically, importing pot, bought legally in NM, into Texas is totally illegal.

There's no checkpoints going that way though.

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