The entry fee to get into Elephant Butte is going up along with the admission fees for state parks all over New Mexico. Not for everybody though ...

Good news for New Mexicansas, if these new proposals pass, they would no longer pay daily rates at New Mexico State Parks. Otherwise, out of state visitors and residents alike would pay more for other things.

The price hikes are to "keep up with the times" as the land of enchantment's state park camping fees haven't gone up since 1998 and boat registration fees go back to 1984.

A new study by the New Mexico State Parks division of the Energy Minerals and Natural Resources Department is recommending a five dollar increase of day use for out of state residents, and a twelve dollar increase for primitive camping, which refers to the simple use of a tent.

Developed camping, such as RVs, would also go up ten dollars, and annual day use passes would be no more. However, day use fees for New Mexicans would be completely eliminated. - KVIA

Heroes on the Water, a group that uses water activities to help disabled veterans and first responders, says the increases could impact their work. Raising usage fees could force them to cut back or maybe even eliminate certain programs and events.

These fee changes aren't in place yet but are being seriously considered. Meetings are scheduled to explain all this to the public more clearly and to get the publics opinion. Click here for details.

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