If you have ever thought about being a teacher in El Paso, now is probably the best time ever.

Schools across the Borderland are facing a huge shortage of teachers. To help fill all the empty positions, new incentives are being offered to help people start teaching.

Region 19 is launching a new teacher apprenticeship program, the first in El Paso, that includes paid job training and financial aid.

The teacher shortage throughout the El Paso area is pretty big. The El Paso Independent School District has 79 schools with lots of openings.

YISD has 69 openings and SISD has 182 positions to fill. Meanwhile, teacher resignations across the country have reached an all time high ...

Professional Development Consultant, Teresa Hinojos, says just about anybody can apply for this new program.

"People can come in with zero amount of college experience all the way up to a Bachelor’s degree anybody that has a degree is also welcome to come and apply for the program," Hinojos said.

The program also recognizes that individuals may have responsibilities that can hinder their progress so they [Region 19] have teamed up with other organizations to provide candidates a helping hand.

"We’re also partnered with Project Arriba and Workforce Solutions Borderplex they’ll be able to help our candidates get access to tuition assistance, access to child-care assistance, travel," Hinojos said. - KFOX

Anyone with a high school diploma, a GED or any level of college and/or any college degree is eligible to apply.

For more info, contact: Teresa Hinojos via email: thinojos@esc19.net, by phone at 915-780-5338 or you can click here.

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