You never know when you'll see somewhere or someONE that you recognize on tv. We've seen El Paso appear on many shows on Netflix like I Am a Killer & countless game shows. When you do, it's always an amazing feeling. Those who watched Episode 3 of FOX's Snake Oil, hosted by David Spade, will be surprised to see someone from El Paso appear on the show. And this man was showing off a truly unique way of carrying groceries.

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Who was the El Pasoan who appeared on Snake Oil

The man who appeared was someone who just had the name "Ekan" & he was presenting his invention called the "grocery vest".

via Hulu
via Hulu

As it was presented on the show, it was a device that has 8 hooks for your bags, it's made of military grade nylon & it can hold 200 lbs of groceries. Ekan was able to convince special celebrity guest Jay Pharaoh that the grocery vest DOES in fact exist for $29.99.

So who is Ekan, the El Pasoan from Snake Oil?

Ekan, whose real name is Ekan Gallegos (we can tell its him because he even posted images of his appearance on Snake Oil on Instagram) said on the show that he owns a shoe store. Well that shoe store has a name, the EP Sneaker Scene that's located in Socorro at 10065 N Loop Dr.

If you don't have Hulu, you can find the episode uploaded on YouTube & on FOX's website. Ekan shows up halfway through the episode so around the 22 minute mark.

Personally I think a grocery vest would be very helpful especially when I need to stop at Food King or Vista Central market. Congrats Ekan for appearing on television & thanks for representing El Paso to a wider audience!

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