The holidays are here and so are the parties. If you're knocking back a few with friends and family though, be smart. El Paso offers options to getting behind the wheel.

El Paso District Attorney Bill Paxton just announced a new effort to curb drunk driving over the upcoming holidays and well into 2024.

A good time is a good time, especially over the holidays when friends and fam who don't live here are around. Good times can become horrible times quickly though, hence the new initiative.

Starting December 29th, peeps in El Paso who have had a couple too many can arrange a free, or at least discounted, ride home thanks to the DA's "Pick your ride: A safe ride is on us" campaign.

How Is The El Paso DA's Campaign Being Funded?

Thanks to a $48K grant from Texas DPS, impaired folks in El Paso, Culberson and Hudspeth County can download a free $20 voucher to use for an Uber ride home.

How Can I Take Advantage Of The "Pick Your Ride. A Safe Ride Is On Us" Campaign?

Vouchers can be claimed through a QR code available at the EP DA's office website, on the Sun Bowl website and it will also be on flyers available at this years Sun Bowl game.

How Long Will The "Pick Your Ride. A Safe Ride Is On Us" Campaign Be In Effect?

Codes will be available on holidays and weekends from December 29th - September, 2024.

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