You don't have to buy a casket from the funeral home in Texas, in fact, you don't really have to buy one at all.

Caskets can cost you anywhere from just under a grand to 10's of thousands of dollars. On average, in Texas, it seems they run from $2,000 - $5,000. The biggest factor in the price, assuming you don't want it gold plated or something, is where you buy it.

Another thing that can impact the price is the manufacturer. YOU are probably the cheapest when it comes to that and Texas is totally fine with DIY projects.

Buying a casket is kind of a pain in the ass too. If that's the way you're going though, you should maybe watch this first.

If you're good with your hands, do your family a solid and let them blow their inheritances on themselves instead of a box they'll never see again. Even if you're not that great with your hands, you can still do it. How hard can it be to form 6 pieces of plywood into a rectangle?

Remember, the only rules with regard to looks and appearance are socially, not legally, mandated.

See? Easy Peasy. In all honestly, when it comes to the lone star state, you don't even need a casket. Check with your cemetery of choice though before you decide to go "au naturel". They may have their own policies that require specific "containers".

You could also have the family plant you in the back yard with all the pets. That's, (usually), legal in Texas as long as you follow the rules. If you want to see the official rules for home burial, click here.

If your carpentry game is totally weak, there are loads of places to get a store bought box and, keep in mind, you do not have to buy from the funeral home. They have a helluva markup, trust me. I used to work for one.

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