We know the saying that "everything is bigger in Texas". Well when it comes to our TVs, you better believe that's the truth! In fact we have 3 of the largest tv screens you'll find in the whole world. And, no surprise, they happen to be found where sports are held.

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2 of the biggest TV screens in Texas belong to the Houston Texans & Dallas Cowboys

Not surprisingly, both the homes of both Texas NFL teams are also homes to some of the biggest screens in the whole state. Let's start with the Dallas Cowboys.

Believe it or not, AT&T Stadium in Arlington has the 3rd biggest tv screens in Texas; their 2 massive screens are both 160 feet wide and 72 feet tall. The screen area for each sideline board is around 11,393 square feet; and the resolution is about 1,088 × 2,432 pixels. Not bad Cowboys...not bad at all.

Houston Texans v Dallas Cowboys
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However, the home of NRG Stadium's tv screens rank as the 2nd biggest in the state of Texas. Their screens were unveiled in 2013 & they are 277.2 feet wide by 52.5 feet tall with a total of 14,549 square feet. So while the Cowboys have TALLER screens, the Texans have WIDER screens. See, THIS...is the battle that we really care about.

Reliant Stadium Makes Preperations For Super Bowl XXXVIII
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But not even these screens can compare to the largest TV screen in the entire state. For this one, we need to go to a different sport. Not football, but racing.

The Texas Motor Speedway has the biggest tv screen in Texas.

Yes the home of many of NASCAR races & huge events through out the year, the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas has THE biggest tv screen in the entire state. It even has a name: the Big Hoss TV.

O'Reilly Auto Parts 300 - Practice
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This massive tv was first unveiled in 2014, and was even made BIGGER earlier in 2023; its specs are 218 feet wide by 125 feet tall with a whopping total of 22,692 square feet & 8,236,800 total pixels inside the screen.

And yes the screen is so massive you can watch movies or even play video games on it...

Brad Keselowski's "Who's Got Game?" Video Game Fan Challenge
Sarah Crabill
LT's Game-Changing Run At Texas Motor Speedway
Tom Pennington

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to take out a loan so I can get one for MY house.

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