El Paso is absolutely the Mexican food capitol but what food does Texas do best overall? How about Arizona and New Mexico?

A recent list put together by thegetaway.com ranked the best "you have to try this" foods from each state. Some I agreed with, some notsomuch ...

Mississippi for example got best tamales. Seriously?? Opinions will surely be divided on this one no matter what, read on to see what they say Tx, Az and NM do best.

I'm not exactly going to disagree with the choices here but, I'll tell you this right off, I would have called it differently for us and our neighbors. Check out my thoughts at the end.

What Food Is Does Texas Do Best?

Texas got honors for our Tex - Mex.  According to the peeps at thegetaway.com the term "Tex-Mex" wasn't used to describe this particular cuisine until the early 1970s. That may be true but it's not a "food", it's a type or style.

Maybe Texas just has too much to offer for them to make a call here. Things are bigger, (and better), here ya'll.

What Food Is Does New Mexico Do Best?

New Mexico got the nod for their Posole. Not a bad call at all on this one ... in fact, you kinda can't go wrong with any Mexican dish down here on the border.

In this case, the people that put this list together did the right thing by picking a dish and not an entire cuisine.

New Mexico has more to offer but I agree a Mexican dish, any one of 'em actually,  would be called for as the "must have".

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What Food Is Does Arizona Do Best?

Arizona made the list for their Chimichanga's. I don't believe I have ever had a chimichanga in Arizona but the website that published this list not only loved them, they credited Arizona with creating them.

Legends about the origins of this popular fusion of Mexican and American cuisines differ, but many Arizonans say the chimichanga was first created in Tucson's oldest restaurant, El Charro, in 1922. -

I'm not sure I really buy that but, ok.


Here's how I would have done the list:

Texas = BBQ Brisket

New Mexico = Anything with green chili. Enchiladas, cheese burgers, pizza, soup. whatever ... as long as the dish is a "green chili _whatever__", that's the best.

When you're home to the best chili in the world, you can't lose by putting them in your dish. No matter what it is.

Arizona = I haven't really ingested much in Arizona other than beer so the Dubba G jury is still "out" on this one.

I did have some chili in Tombstone once though that was the BOMB.

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