Green Bay Packers running back and El Paso's own Aaron Jones is not just a man of the people, but also the children.

I may sound like a broken record, but it never gets old seeing the Burges High School and UTEP grad give back to his community.

Ahead of his celebrity softball game and kids football camp, Jones made a surprise visit to El Paso Children's Hospital.

In this one he can be seen holding a baby in one of the rooms.

Aaron and his twin brother, Alvin, joined other celebrity guests to surprise families currently receiving care at the hospital.

And in this video, you can see Aaron and Alvin joined by former UTEP football teammate Roy Robertson-Harris, who is currently a star defensive player for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

You can hear Aaron Jones say, "We're praying for you and it's very nice to meet you."

It is amazing to see Aaron and Alvin give back through their A&A All the Way Foundation. Of course, this is ahead of the celebrity softball game at Southwest University Park which also features Dallas Cowboys star Micah Parsons.

And THEN, Aaron and Alvin will host their youth football camp at Burges High School Friday while NBA star George Hill will host a free basketball camp at the gym there.

But here is the best part of the visit. Aaron Jones walks into a room and sees a baby patient decked out in Green Bay Packers gear AND a mini cheese head.

"He's got a little cheese head!"

Then Aaron Jones snaps a photo while holding the baby and wins over some more fans in El Paso.

Aaron Jones - the gift who keeps on giving back to the El Paso community!

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