I always try and support local businesses but, apparently, I'm the only person in El Paso that didn't know this place was locally owned.

I have made finding great steakhouses a lifelong mission and I have been to some good ones all over the United States and outside of it.

I haven't tried this one yet which is going to be my excuse for not knowing they are a locally owned restaurant.  Don't judge me, I've been busy ...

El Paso is well known for the awesome Mexican food that abounds here. We have other cuisines though that are made to the same level of greatness and that includes steaks.

It was only very recently that I learned West Texas Chop House is a locally owned, home grown establishment. Honestly, I thought they were a national chain but, nope ... locally owned and proud of it.

They are expanding though with a new location opening in Henderson, Nevada, less than 20 miles from Sin City. Yep, Las Vegans ... ok, maybe not the "vegans" per se ... Las Vegas residents will soon be savoring the steaks of West Texas Chophouse.

This is the first West Texas Chop House to open outside of El Paso so props to them for taking a little of the 915 to others. West Texas Chop House owner Alejandro Orozco  founded the Triple A Group, in El Paso, in 2008.

The group also owns Cafe Central and the Famous Dave's on Airway, next to West Texas Chop House. There are now 3 West Texas Chop House locations in the 915.

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