The state of Texas is wonderful place to live.

Every day, we find something new to enjoy. It could a new food place we've found, or a new park that we walk around in when the weather is just right. Whatever it is, it simply makes the state better.

However, while everything in the state is generally wonderful, sometimes the imagination does run wild. Some of us wonder how the Lone Star State would adjust to certain situations. One of those fantasy situations you ask?

How would the state of Texas manage a zombie apocalypse? Well, data says pretty well!

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Surviving A Zombie Outbreak In Texas

So how do we know Texas would an excellent state to make through a situation with zombies? Well, thankfully data exists that proves it. Thanks to, we know why the state would be safer than others.


According to their findings, Texas scored a 89.33 out of a total 100. The reasons being the Lone Star has many farms, the most in the nation to be exact. The number being over 245,000.

In addition to ample farms, Texas has many army bases, landing at second most in the nation. The state also took third with the amounts of prisons in it.

So where did that put Texas on the list? Second! Yes, second in the entire nation.

But you're probably who number one is.'s none other than California, which the state scored a perfect 100 out of 100. Can't win them all we guess!

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