Let's Be Nosy And Look Around One Of The Most Expensive Ranches For Sale In Texas Near Corpus Christi.

You may or may not have heard of The Killam Family who are considered one of America’s top landowners, with a gas and oil dynasty that was established over a century ago.

The fourth-generation owners of gas and oil company Killam Oil Co. are putting up for sale, this particular Killam property which is located in Bee and San Patricio Counties, less than 35 miles from Corpus Christi and 190 miles from Houston.

The O | W Ranch, an expansive 6,041± acre property.

Hall & Hall
Hall & Hall

According to its listing by Jay Leyendecker with Hall & Hall, this ranch boasts a well-established infrastructure that supports diverse operations including hunting, cattle, horse, and farming activities.

There are six homes on the parcel as well as fully equipped farming facilities such as breeding pens, an eight-stall horse stable, a tack room, and a round pen.

The lodge itself is a standout.

Hall & Hall
Hall & Hall

The main home is equipped with a commercial kitchen, butler’s pantry, and can accommodate up to 20 people.

It is also home to an abundant wildlife population, with whitetail deer, Rio Grande turkey, feral hogs, doves, and ducks roaming within.

And You'll have a chance to make INCOME off this property.

Hall & Hall
Hall & Hall

Before you scoff at its $30 Million price tag, the lush and picturesque land has 6.35 miles of creek beds, 23 ponds, four water wells, miles of piped water, and 11 windmills as well as 793 acres of cultivated farmland seeded with cotton and corn, which creates an opportunity to generate additional income through wind energy development and farming.

Let's be nosy and look around!

$30 Million Ranch Near Corpus Christi On The Market

The 6,041-acre O | W Ranch estate is owned by the Killam family, who are the fourth-generation owners of gas and oil company Killam Oil Co.

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