We Take You To Central Texas Where Even Wildlife Have To Do Some "Banking", the problem is they don't acknowledge doors.

In an unusual and wild video that making the rounds on social media, a small deer began wreaking havoc inside a bank by crashing into one of its entrances.

It Happened In Downtown Lockhart, roughly 30 miles south of Austin.


Security cameras at Lockhart National Bank captured the moments when a bank official said employees heard a loud bang when the deer crashed into the community room.

Thankfully, no one was in the room at the time, but the stunned deer didn't immediately leave. The terrified animal proceeded to make its way through other parts of the building trying to escape which caused chaos throughout the bank.

Lockhart Police soon arrived and called animal control officers.

In the video, you can see the deer run nonstop through the glass like an NFL running back running into some pillows.

The video shows the deer entering the bank at about 1:53 pm but the video doesn't cut back to showing the deer leaving until 2:15 pm as animal control worked for 20 minutes to move the deer toward the building’s front door.

Even after all that, the animal eventually found the way it came in and ran outside.

The Same Animal Capable Of Eating Snakes Yall.

someonewithaname123 via TikTok
someonewithaname123 via TikTok

Wildlife experts speculate that increased urbanization and habitat loss may be driving deer into populated areas in search of food and shelter. While no injuries were reported so far, the deer did cause some damage inside but hopefully its okay back in the wilderness.

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