My car bit the dust recently and I'm in the market for a new one. I've always had used cars that were paid for in cash so I wouldn't have to deal with payments, but this time, I'm thinking about getting a big girl car. Maybe something fancy...

Most of the time, I'll call my dad and ask him to help me out when I buy a car. I'm kind of stupid when it comes to negotiating prices and asking important questions. I don't know much about cars. If it's shiny, I'm probably into it.

This time, however, I'll be going in and buying a car all alone. Spooky.

So, what should you avoid saying when you buy a car?

TikTok creator @russflipswhips is an expert on buying vehicles and gives some excellent advice in his videos. If the idea of buying a car makes you nervous and sweaty, check out some of his content.

Here are a few tips to get you started...

Some of the best advice in this clip is to be concise and clear with the dealership on what you want to pay, and your readiness to pay for it RIGHT now. Money talks. I've watched my dad get some incredible deals just by saying "I want this car for $___ out the door. Not a penny more."

9 times out of 10, he's going home in a new car.

Do you have any advice for buying a car? I'd love to hear from you. Leave me a comment below this article wherever you find it.

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