Texas man, Ethan Rodriguez, scared away some would-be burglars who attempted to kick down his door after posing at maintenance workers, by firing his gun several times, straight through the door.

One of the thieves, identified by Fox Dallas as Aaron Contreras, knocked on the door and told him that they were there to change the air filters, but something about their outfits just didn't seem right to Rodriguez. He refused to open the door for them, which was smart thinking on his part.

The thieves, however, weren't satisfied with his dismissal and came back moments later to try to kick his door in. Rodriguez retrieved a gun and shot straight through his door to frighten the robbers away. Without his quick thinking, this situation could have turned deadly.

Footage of the attempted robbery was caught on a Blink security camera, and it's honestly one of the most unsettling videos I've ever seen. Please proceed with caution. I cannot imagine the absolute panic Ethan must have experienced during this incident.

Contreras fired two shots in response before fleeing the scene.

A brief interview with Rodriguez was featured in a BBC article. You can find it here.

If that left you feeling a bit uncomfortable, you aren't alone. I've never been much of a gun person, but I have to admit that this has me reconsidering things. Stay safe out there, friends!

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