The worst has happened for Arizona hockey fans. What many saw coming after the team moved into ASU's Mullett Arena has come to fruition: The Coyotes are moving to Salt Lake City.

Sad man wearing Coyotes hat
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The NHL has pushed for an expansion franchise in Utah, and the dwindling attendance and lack of attention paid to the Arizona Coyotes made them a perfect team to move, but Arizona cares more about hockey than the NHL expected.

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One Last Ride

The Coyotes will play their final game in the Valley on April 17th against the Edmonton Oilers in Mullett Arena, a 5,000 capacity stadium meant for Arizona State University's hockey team.

Minnesota Wild player scores a goal in Mullett Arena
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The Coyotes averaged 4,600 fans a game, which while due to the smaller arena they're forced to play in, is still dismal for a major league program. It can also be assumed that this number would not have grown much had the Coyotes found a permanent major league arena.

Hockey in Arizona was an experiment for the NHL, and the lack of revenue from the Coyotes was the final nail in the coffin.

Good Luck Saying Goodbye

man waves goodbye at an Airport window
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Diehard Coyotes fans (all 12 of you), are likely to be rushing to see the last Coyotes game in Arizona. Its the least you can do to pay tribute to the team you've spent so many years cheering for.

Unfortunately, it seems like everyone in Arizona had the same idea. Ticket prices are reaching Super Bowl levels of expensive as everyone and their mother in the Valley rushes to say goodbye to Arizona hockey.

Man looking in shock at a bill
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Tickets have reached upwards of $2,500, with the cheapest options sitting at a whopping $840. A combination of massive demand and a huge lack of supply has driven prices up to absurd amounts.

Maybe the best way to say goodbye is where you probably spent the majority of your time as a fan. On the couch with your friends and family around.

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