Will your Thanksgiving dessert table have pumpkin pie on it this year? It might not because word is coming down from crop experts in Illinois that this year's crop might be down by as much as a third. Why do we care what crop experts in Illinois have to say? We care because about 90% of pumpkins that become canned pumpkin pie filling comes from Illinois.

One expert says things are going to be so bad that you better not wait until a few days before Thanksgiving to buy your canned pumpkin pie filling because there might not be any. Libby's, the canned pumpkin kings, say they should have enough for the autumn holidays, but there won't be anymore until next year.

You can blame Mother Nature's record rainfall in June for the pumpkin problems this fall. Hopefully, She'll settle down next year and we won't have to worry about a puny pumpkin crop next Thanksgiving.