El Paso is a underrated town, full of beautiful scenery and people. We capture tiny glimpses of this beauty in photos posted on social media. Using the hashtag #ElPaso, I found some photos from locals that showcase not just a selfie, but the weird beauty in the Sun City.

What I mean by weird beauty, is the art of a photo that shows not a traditional pose and snap picture. I like the pictures that have a weird scenario, pose or even situation being captured. This week's weirdly beautiful photos have to be some of my favorites, due to the weirdness that oozes through the lens.

This photo by Coffee_2_Cocktails is too cute to not talk about. This poodle having some drinks with the police is one of the weirdest but cutest thing to happen to Instagram. The El Paso Police Department are a busy bunch, but it is nice to see them make some time for our four-legged friends.

I am amazed at the skills of this floating hat, overlooking the beauty of El Paso.

Deceptive City Views. 💟 ____________________ Spectacular shot captured by the magical @ricodelion 🔮

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We have some of the most beautiful skies and this photo proves it. We still only have snow in the mountains, but one day, we might just get a beautiful show of the snowy El Paso skies.

As El Paso gets ready to kick off the holiday celebrations this weekend, the lights are a glimmer of what beauty if to come with the lighting of the San Jacinto Plaza.

I want to copy this photo for the beauty that comes from lack of effort. The lighting is so natural, that it captures the pure emotion of most El pasoans waiting on winter.

Still waiting on winter like 📷 @pikamoona

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A perfect photo to celebrate the holiday season is by EPWinterfest. This suit is something everyone needs to own and rock during the holiday season.

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