The Central Connecticut State University recently did a study on literacy. They rated all of the major US cities based on six categories: bookstores, resident's educational level, newspaper circulation, use of online resources, the library system, and periodical publishing resources. The results: most literate cities were mostly in the Northeast part of the US. El Paso ranked at the bottom of the list. El Paso was the 4th LEAST literate cities among 77 US cities with a population of at least 250,000 population. Did you know that only 24% of El Pasoans have a college degree. We also have among the fewest bookstores of most large cites. Just point

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61 bookstores per every 10,000 citizens (according to the study). According to the study, 20% of Texas residents can not read or write. The study goes on to link literacy rates and high paying jobs. We already know that, right? It's a catch twenty two. In order to have higher literacy rates, you need high paying jobs to attract educated people. The opposite is also true. What do you think? How do we improve the literacy rate in El Paso? Post your comments below.