You might have heard that a lot of people who aren't in the COVID-19 vaccine distribution categories have been getting their vaccine shots but for millions in Texas getting the vaccine has been difficult because they don't meet the distribution criteria. That is about to change for a large group of Texans later this month.

Beginning on March 15, if you are a Texas resident age 50 or older you can get the COVID-19 vaccine. The state is getting more vaccine but that doesn't necessarily mean that getting an appointment will suddenly become easier. It will still be a problem of supply not meeting the demand. The new criteria just means that if you can manage to find an appointment and are 50 years old or older you can now qualify.

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The announcement about the new relaxed age protocol for the COVID-19 vaccine came, oddly, on the same day as the state of Texas relaxed the mask mandate and the capacity limits for businesses and completely reopened the state. Seems like a weird thing for Governor Greg Abbott to do, but ok. If you've gotten the vaccine the CDC says that you still need to do things like continue to wear a mask and socially distance while you're out in public.

If you would like to find out more about vaccine availability and how you can get your shot, you can always go to the new City/County dashboard for more information and to sign up for your COVID-19 vaccine.

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