You know we love us the ghosteses here at KISS FM. We love haunted places, we love hearing about ghost stories, and we love letting you know where to find them in El Paso. Here are some of the Facebook sites you should be following if you want to know everything ghostie that is happening in El Paso.

1. Ghosts915 - Ghosts915 is well known for their tours and ghostbusting activities. If you want to go on tours of haunted downtown El Paso sites, Concordia Cemetery, or even ghostbusting in Las Cruces, check them out.

2. Concordia Heritage Association - Concordia Cemetery is an amazing place to walk around. There are portions of the cemetery that are well over one hundred years old. You can find areas dedicated to Buffalo Soldiers, children, John Wesley Hardin's grave, a Chinese section, a Jewish section, and so many wild West era tombstones. This Facebook page keeps you up on not only ghost tours, but Dia de los Muertos celebrations as well.

3. El Paso Ghost Tours - This group often tours the De Soto Hotel, one of the most active haunted sites in El Paso. So many people have said that they've been touched, and even scratched, by ghosts on the De Soto tour that getting a space can be tough. Make sure you call with plenty of time if you want in on this tour group.

4. Lost El Paso Paranormal - This group does ghost walks, but they also do fun things like haunted pub crawls. If you like your ghosteses with a side of booze, check out this paranormal group.

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