The Sun City Music Festival is happening this weekend and this year, festival organizers are doing something to try and make sure they don't drive people crazy with the sound level of the music.

Sun City Music Festival and the El Paso County Parks and Special Events have set up a hotline that officials say will deal with "unintentional sound delivery" throughout the weekend. If you are being bothered by the sound level of music, you can call between 5 p.m. until 2 a.m. to complain. You'll need to provide information about the sounds you are hearing and the address you are calling from. Officials say that information will be used by the sound technicians to determine possible solutions.

The number of the hotline is (915) 771-2380. The information resceived during calls will remain anonymous and will not be stored for any purpose.

The event is being held at Ascarate Park and some residents told ABC-7 they didn't have any problems with the amount of noise because of the money the festival makes. But some say they've had problems with the noise ever since the festival has been held at Ascarate.

Last year, I heard the thumping of the base at my house, and I live by the airport. I'm thinking I might drink an extra glass of wine to deal with the possible noise this year!

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