Okay, before I go on any further with this, just know I am a HUGE Cowboys fan and the choice of the title is the way I feel about what you're about to see. Dude don't ruin our chances! Ugh!

This is a story about a Cowboys fan, Jordan Garnett, who claimed he had a vision for this year's Super Bowl and how the Dallas Cowboys would be Super Bowl champs in 2017. Well, after last Sunday, we all know that ain't gonna happen. So this guy was doomed us when he got a tattoo that had a huge blue Dallas star and it read "Super Bowl LI Champs," right?

Well, in his eyes, he still has this vision that my beloved team will certainly go on to be those Super Bowl champs, so what did he do? He edited the "LI" to "LII". So fellow Dallas fans, he's already jinxed us for next year! He is a comedian but this is no joke. It's cool to have faith in your team but maybe wait to get that tattoo -- for the rest of us. Check out his Twitter, maybe follow him and see what happens next year.

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