Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, city health officials have directed all our local school districts to keep students home after spring break later than originally scheduled.

All have agreed to follow the directive and public schools will not re-open until Monday, April 6. But because the situation can change rapidly, parents and students should continue to monitor all social media platforms from the school district they are in.

University and college administrators have also taken precautions. Below is a synopsis of what each plans to do over the next few weeks, or, in some cases, the rest of the semester.

University of Texas El Paso

In-person classes for the week of March 23 have been cancelled. Starting March 30, classes will move online for the remainder of the semester. [Full Text]

El Paso Community College

In-person classes for the week of March 23 have been cancelled. Beginning March 30th, classes will resume via online instruction for the duration of the semester. [Full Text]

Southwest University

Courses will transition to remote instruction until March 27th. Normal operations will resume March 30th. [Full Text]

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Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso

Classes for the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine, the Gayle Greve Hunt School of Nursing, and the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences has been cancelled through March 20. Instruction will continue via online delivery Monday, March 23. [Full Text]

Western Technical College

Spring Break has been extended through March 27. Classes will commence Monday, March 30th. [Full Text]

Again, because the situation could change between now and the dates referenced, students should continue to monitor all school communication.

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